Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goodbye Again!

The good news is that with this post, I am finally caught up on all my blogging! The bad news is that this post is about saying goodbye again - so soon.

So we sent Chris on his way this afternoon. I was successful at maintaining a state of denial right up to the end. Clara had a few panicky moments in the last week or 2 when she'd realize Chris was going to be gone soon and she would turn into a monster child, rivaling those you see on Nanny 911. I'm sure Chris is enjoying his downtime from that now...and now that he has left and the mere 'threat' of him leaving is gone with him, Clara can get back to normal, keeping busy with our summer activities. We have a similar line up to the one we had last year, because it worked so well to keep us busy and happy. We will be finishing up dance class, and going to zoo camp, swim lessons and gymnastics all over the summer. Not to mention visits from grandparents and a new baby by summer's end! Once again, potty training Jonathan is on my list of goals to achieve while Chris away.

Jonathan understands that Daddy will be 'at work' for a long time, but having no real concept of time, he hardly seems phased by it all. Clara started crying as soon as Chris got out of the car to walk into work, it was difficult to watch her little heart break. Jonathan saw her cry and so now anytime she mentions that she misses Daddy - no matter her tone, Jonathan asks in the most sympathetic of tones, "Are you OK, Sissy? Are you gonna cry?" It's precious to see him worry about her.

I, of course, cried too -- Right at the end, hugging Chris goodbye. He stayed strong as he does, but I could tell he was no more looking forward to this time away than we were. So everyone just keep Chris and his friends in your prayers -- that they keep each other safe, that they do their jobs as they've been called to do and make it back home to their families in 4-5 months, that they never doubt that their families are thinking about them in all they do, missing them in good times and bad, and proudly standing behind them until the very end.


Since it was Chris' last morning home this morning, he took the time to teach Jonathan some things about being the man of the house!

I think he's ready!

Putt Putt

Wednesday night was supposed to be Chris' last night home before his 4.5 month deployment so we set out for some family fun. Turned out the ship had some problem leaving, so Chris' flight to it got pushed back a day, so he didn't leave until this afternoon. Still we made the best of Family night at the local miniature golf place -- Adventure Park.

Clara and I got on the bumper boats. Jonathan wasn't quite old enough or tall enough. You had to be 3 years old and 40" tall. We were willing to say he was 3, but there was no way to fudge the height requirements. The poor guy stood against the wall where they had their ruler and then stood up on his tippy toes to be tall enough -- it was heartbreaking to tell him no. He handled it alright with the bumper boats, esp once he saw my lack of driving skills, but once he saw Daddy on the Go Kart he got a little upset.

Chris laughed that some nice girl about 10 yrs old, took pity on me and the fact that I was only going in circles and pulled up alongside me to give me a tutorial on how to drive the thing. It was that bad!

Strapping in to the Go Kart!

Clara had a blast with Chris driving.

Next, an activity we could all do -- Goofy Golf!

Clara feigned paying attention, while Jonathan saw no point in wasting time with golf clubs when you can just throw the ball in the hole with your hands!

At every hole, Jonathan went straight the end and set his ball down about a foot away from the hole and then tried to hit it in. I don't think he understood why the rest of us started so far away!

There were 18 holes, but after about the 12th, the kids traded in golfing for some roly polies they found along the way.

Whatever makes them happy, I guess!

All in the Details...

Why you should be more specific when you leave your husband in charge of bathing the kids and the dog...

Crazy Kids

The kids had a great time with Grandma Ginia here for a couple days, and she caught them doing some silly things with her camera.

One day I went to wake the kids up from their naps. When I opened Clara's door, I had to stifle my laugh so that I could get Chris and his mom to come take a look at what I found.

She had taken her shorts off and put them on her head...I have no idea why!

Jonathan spent an afternoon playing with Daddy while I took Clara to dance practice.

Daddy spoiled his dinner by giving him a smoothie and then milk and oreos. Daddy took the opportunity to teach Jonathan how to dip the oreos in milk...

and then take a bite...

even how to lick his fingers!

Clara picking Jonathan up!

I don't know the reason for the posing lately either, but she's getting good at it!

Clara even took the chance to read to Grandma Ginia -- The Diggingest Dog!


About a week after our vacation to San Francisco, Chris' mom came to visit us for about 3-4 days. She wanted to be sure to see him before he headed out on deployment again (he left this afternoon). We took the opportunity to take her back to Yosemite so she could see the waterfalls. When I took my in laws up last October, the waterfalls had dried up and we had made plans to go again when they came to visit in June this year, but I don't see me volunteering to head up there in the heat while I'm 6.5 months pregnant. We had a great time up there. It was beautiful as always. I left Chris in charge of the camera this time around since we've been there so many times before and he has really gotten good at taking pics. He did an awesome job, and it was nice for me to be able to enjoy Yosemite for one just as it was and not through a camera lens! The pics are a little out of order at first because the first 10 pics or so are from Virginia's (my mother-in-law) camera.

Across from Tunnel View, Taking a break in the shade while Chris snapped some pics.

Clara insisted on bringing along her umbrella to see the waterfalls to help her stay dry.

Jonathan wanted in on this whole 'umbrella idea'

Maybe, not such a bad idea after all!

Where's that umbrella when you need it? I convinced Virginia to go all the way to the foot of Bridalveil Falls. The mist coming from the falls was freezing! Clara wanted to go all the way up though and as I took her, I realized that as you turned the corner just as you got to the look out, you were out of the shade and the sun warmed you significantly. So I ran back and told Virginia she must go, and I followed her up with her camera, but that time the wind was blowing in our direction. It was not nearly as warm or dry the second time :)

Bridalveil Falls -- so worth the cold and the wet!

Jonathan and Clara

Clara playing in the run off from Bridalveil Falls -- it was still very cold water.

Jonathan relaxing with his feet up at the picnic site -- What a life!

Posing with the kids on a cool rock

Tunnel View

Posing with Grandma Ginia at Tunnel View

Posing with Daddy and Grandma Ginia at Tunnel View

Bridalveil Falls from a distance

Run off from Bridalveil Falls. (Chris played with exposure times in some of the water pics. I'm not sure if I like the effect 100%, but the pics are still beautiful!)

All of us posing near the run off from Bridalveil Falls.

Hiding in the shadows

Little Guy, Big Guy! My Guys were dressed to match that day, and got lots of compliments on the shirts. Jonathan had the onesie too when he was a look forward to seeing these shirts again when the new baby is here!

I believe this is still Bridalveil Falls from a distance/different angle

Half Dome in the distance


One of my favorite pics

Lower Yosemite Falls

Chris and his mom at Lower Yosemite Falls

There goes Clara posing again!

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

Creek by the roadside on the way out