Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One afternoon when the kids were playing in the garage, they decided that their 'babies' were hungry after taking them for a walk...
You can't see here, but Clara has her baby under her shirt and then the blanket over it all.

Jonathan wasn't as modest!

Big Boy Bed...Mattress

So I got tired of seeing Jonathan sleep on the floor. One night I went in to snuggle with him for a little while and after about 5 minutes, my hip hurt from laying on the floor. We can't quite figure out what kind of big boy bed to get him. We can see that the likelihood is that bunk beds are in our future for the boys, but Matthew hasn't even graduated to the crib from the bassinet and I'm not comfortable with the thought of Jonathan climbing to a top bunk. So we decided on an easy fix, we pulled in Clara's trundle mattress and threw it on Jonathan's floor.
I was afraid Jonathan still wouldn't sleep on it, so I also pulled out the car sheets I had bought a while back for when he graduated to a twin bed. Since I didn't get to buy new nursery bedding for Matthew, I searched for a matching twin set of sheets and quilt for him so that some day when we're all ready, Jonathan and Matthew will have matching quilts on their bunk beds!

For now, Jonathan's happy with just a mattress on the floor with his 'cool car sheets'.


Finally! One of my kids enjoys this swing!
I guess that's not all together a fair statement, Clara liked the swing, but would fall asleep in it seemingly within seconds of being placed in it. She already slept so much, I wanted her to stay awake in the day as much as I could get her to. Still, it was great to be able to put her in it to get things done when I needed to. Jonathan didn't seem to care for it much -- he'd startle every time it swung back.

Matthew seems to be just fine in the swing. Sometimes for a little nap, while I'm in the shower for example. Sometimes just to hang out and watch the bees go around the sun, while I try to eat a meal quickly with 2 hands for a change!

Baby Burrito

See how peaceful it can be around here?!
Even when Matthew grew long enough to kick himself out of the finest conventional baby burrito.

Thanks to these SwaddleMe blankets that Velcro in place!

He's gotten to where he needs to be wrapped up like this for his daytime naps too. Occasionally, as you can see, a hand may poke out on the bottom, but he doesn't complain, and neither do we - With at least 10 straight hours of sleep each night, how could we?!

...Now to find the thing that lets ME sleep that peacefully through the night!

Trick or Treat

It just occurred to me that I never got around to posting pics of the kids in their costumes on Halloween. We got lucky this year since both kids decided to dress up in costumes they already had. In fact, costumes they each received as birthday gifts this past year, so there was no last minute running around to get a costume!

Jonathan was an NFO, like his daddy. He even had authentic squadron patches on his flight suit and a cover (hat) that we borrowed from our neighbor that had been altered to fit a child! Clara was Belle. She kept curtsying like a princess for everyone.

The kids were excited about Trick or Treating, so it was difficult to get them to sit still for a picture.

Matthew wasn't in to this Halloween thing at all!

There's Clara being sassy again!

I had to get a picture of Matthew in this pumpkin costume, though it was a bit big for him. Now all 3 of my kids have worn this costume on their first Halloween. Though I'll have to say Clara wore it best, probably because she's the only one it truly fit since I originally bought it for her. Both Jonathan and Matthew were a bit too small for it on their first Halloween.

Clara (Belle) and Hunter (Pirate)

Digging in already!

Alyssa (Vampire) and Jonathan (NFO)
It's funny to see these two get along now, Jonathan used to be a bit of a bully to Alyssa, even bit her a few times, leaving a mark on at least one occasion (his 2nd birthday). It's a wonder her mom lets Jonathan go anywhere near Alyssa anymore, but it's nice to see Jonathan begin to redeem himself where Alyssa is concerned!

Halloween just wouldn't be complete without TPing someone's tree...even if we got caught!