Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brown Dog II

Jonathan, 22 months, snuggling Brown Dog when he wasn't feeling well

23 months, carrying around his 2 best friends : Brown Dog and Blue Dog

27 months, Waking up with Brown Dog and Blue Dog

3 years, Napping with Brown Dog and Blue Dog

A sad day a couple of weeks ago when I realized we had lost 'Brown Dog'. I clearly remember, we had him last in the van. I gave him to Matthew to play with after we dropped Jonathan off at school. Then we met Chris at Panera for breakfast, returned something at Marshalls and stopped by the Exchange before coming home. The problem is that when Matthew is done playing with something, he throws it off to the side. If the van door is closed, it simply goes to the floorboard, but is still in danger of falling out on the ground when the doors open. Of course, if the door is open, it will go straight to the ground. Since I can open and close the door with a button on the dash, I'm not always right there to catch these fallen things. Though I usually look for them since I'm familiar with the drill. However, Chris is not so familiar, and since Chris was with me I was not on my 'A' game, thinking I had help!
Jonathan asked for Brown Dog when we put him down for a nap that day. Chris looked briefly, then told Jonathan that 'Brown Dog must be taking a bath' (in the washer). I told Chris after he'd tucked Jonathan in that I believed he was actually in the van, but neither of us wanted to go out right then, and Jonathan was content in thinking Brown Dog was taking a bath, so why bother. Days later I realized it had been a few days since I had seen Brown dog and searched frantically through the van, in the garage, Jonathan's room, the washer, dryer and dirty clothes. I cried, I felt sick. I retraced my steps from 4 or 5 days earlier, going to each store and checking each lost and found, searching through parking lots and even looked in a couple trash cans...I cried. I felt foolish. Jonathan hadn't even asked for Brown dog since that first day. He didn't even seem to know he was missing, after all, he still had Blue Dog. It seemed Jonathan was past that phase, but I was not ready to let go. There are few things that mean so much to me to save from my children's childhood. Brown Dog and Blue Dog have been around since day one. Both are well loved, and well worn. Brown dog's stuffing had gathered in just his head and paws, making him extra floppy and cuddly, showing just how important and loved he was, and now he was gone! I was devastated, and Jonathan didn't even seem to notice...for a week. After about a week he looked at me all pouty as I tucked him in for his nap and said, "I fink I wost Brown Dog." I felt horrible, after all, it wasn't his fault. I gave it to Matthew, and I was careless in not looking out for it. At the same time I was relieved that he had finally noticed. I asked him if he'd want a new one if I could find one just like it. He said yes. So onto I went!

Brown Dog, II!!!!!!!!

Brown Dog II hasn't left Jonathan's side too much since he got him. It won't be long until he's just as floppy as the original!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheesy Puffs

After Matthew's dinner tonight, I gave him some of those Gerber Veggie Puffs, which look like Cheese Puffs. He loves those things. After a few minutes I looked at him to see he easily had 6 of them in his mouth and was still shoveling them in. I tried to get a good picture, but couldn't. Here are some of the cute ones I did get though.

Shoveling them in with both hands!

Chipmunk cheeks full of Veggie Puffs

There's quite a few in there, but nothing like the first time. Good thing those things dissolve so easily!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rocking the Night Away

The kids love any opportunity to match. They like to match each other or me and Chris, or even take pleasure in finding ways they match their friends. It just happens the over the past year all the kids have acquired guitar PJ's, so now they have to all wear them on the same nights.

Trying to get these pics is so difficult. Matthew squirms to get his hands free so he can crawl away. Jonathan thinks Matthew's squirming is hilarious and won't hold still or look at the camera. Clara has finally made it to the point that she looks at the camera the whole time, but after the first or second shot, her smile melts away to an awkward clenching of her teeth...and you know it's never the 1st or 2nd shot that's the good one!
Oh well, I take what I can get! Enjoy!

Bath Time

Chris found a new game Matthew likes to play in the tub (which is easily his favorite time of the day anyway)...
Chris holds up one of the stacking blocks full of water, and Matthew tries to catch the water as it drips out of the holes

He thought it was pretty funny when Chris let the water drip directly on him

Such a happy baby!

Soaking wet, but still the cutest thing ever!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look Who's Steppin' Out!

Just to show the difference a couple days (and the right motivator) make...the first video was taken on September 18

The next video was taken on September 22

He took his first steps on the 4th. I think he's just holding back until Chris leaves for 3 months on the 26th. Then he's gonna have me chasing him all over the place! At least, Chris was here to see the first steps.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys

This morning, Matthew decided that he'd help me out with my housework, and rather than pulling all his toys out of his toy box for me to clean up later....
....He decided he'd just climb in the toy box and play with them there!

What a big helper!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Matthew at 12 Months

I finally took Matthew in for his 12 month pics (nevermind that he's 13 months now). They turned out great as always. Take a peek!

LOVE this little pouty face!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scary Skeletons '10

It's that time of year again...
This one's more cute than scary!

There they are -- my 3 scary skeletons!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Jonathan: "Dad, do you get dizzy when I spin around?"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We bought Matthew a helmet so that he can legally ride in the Doodlebug here on base.

The only problem is that it hits up against the back of his seat, so that he can't possibly sit comfortably! (See how he's holding onto the strap for dear life!)

May not be comfortable, but he sure is cute!

Ahhh! That's better!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

End of the Summer

Don't let those triple digit temperatures fool you, the end of the summer is upon us, and Lincoln Military Housing treated us (and some other housing residents) to an all inclusive day at the waterpark. We had a blast - and the kids gave us the credit for the cool idea (bonus!)
Jonathan wading in the kids' area

Clara enjoyed the slides in the kids' area

She convinced Jonathan to go down this one with her, but he wasn't as excited about it as she was.

Matthew and Daddy hiding from the HUGE bucket of water getting ready to dump

The water was a tiny bit chilly

She REALLY loved those slides!

Matthew and Daddy on the crab slide
Matthew had no problem eating my ice cream bar for me


Getting ready for a trip down the lazy river!

Jonathan has the lazy river figured out!

Matthew, Jonathan and I stayed on the lazy river like this for more than 30 minutes straight, while Chris took Clara around trying to convince her to try some of the bigger slides/rides!

Floating away on the lazy river!

We spent the whole day at the waterpark. Lincoln Military Housing even provided lunch for us. We left just before dinner time, picked up Chick-fil-A and headed home. It was a great day and the perfect end to the summer!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jonathan's 1st Day of School

Don't look now - he's growing up. I keep asking when did all this happen - who gave my kids permission to grow up? Clara constantly reassures me that's what they're supposed to be doing. I still have my doubts, but thankfully they still willingly take me along for the ride. Today that ride dropped Jonathan off at preschool.
He was ecstatic about going to school just like Clara does.
Waiting for the door to open

By the calendar

Finding his name tag

He really looks like he trusts her not to poke him, doesn't he? That's one of his teachers, Mrs. Lori.

He went straight to the books

Posing with my baby!

Here he is being dismissed from circle when we went back to pick him up. As each child is signed out, they dismiss them from the circle by singing, "Jonathan's going home, Jonathan's going home, God Bless him, We love him, Jonathan's going home" - to the tune of 'The Farmer in the Dell'. (His preschool is affiliated with a Presbyterian Church).

One last picture by the door.
Jonathan was so excited to go to school and to tell me about his day. From the time he walked through the door, he was like, "Mommy who?" His teacher commented when we went back to pick him up that he is so kind and considerate of his friends, very caring, and so happy. I guess he's ready!