Thursday, July 14, 2011

Silly Thoughts

Once in a conversation about personal responsibility, Chris explained to the kids that we all have jobs, even if we don't go to work. Matthew's job is to grow big. Clara's job is to do well in school and be an example to her brothers. Jonathan's job entails him to listen to his parents and to be silly. (He seems to take the latter task more seriously!)

With kindergarten right around the corner for Jonathan, we have started to prepare him for his 'promotion' to his new job - to do well in school. As a result, there's been a lot of talk about 'jobs' around the house.

The other day Jonathan said to me:

J: "Do you know why I'm so good at being silly?"

Me: "Why?"

J: "Because God made me silly. Do you know why?"

Me: Why?

J: "Because God likes to laugh."

I have often thought that God has a sense of humor, like when He waits until I'm 32 and on my 3rd child to bless me with a child as busy as Matthew, for whom there is no 'baby proofing'. I often tell Chris that people are looking at us with Matthew now and saying, "See, that's why we stopped at 2 kids!" Yes, I truly believe God likes to laugh. Maybe Jonathan's onto something here!

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