Sunday, July 10, 2011

Disneyland '11

Disneyland! We made it!

Chris and I with the kids just outside Disneyland.
Crystal and her family

The kids in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

First thing we did after breakfast is go wait in line to meet the princesses

Clara and Ariel

Teagan and Ariel

Jonathan with Ariel
Chris and Matthew with Ariel

Teagan and Belle

Clara and Belle

Jonathan and Belle

Matthew with Belle

Clara and Pocahontas

Jonathan and Pocahontas

Breaking out of the Dog Pound!

Driving through Toon Town


Clara and Jonathan on Minnie's Couch

Checking out Minnie's Makeup Table

Chris, Matthew and Clara on the Jungle Cruise


Watch out for that Hippo!

Jonathan and I on the Jungle Cruise

More elephants playing!

Chris and Matthew

Getting ready for the Pooh ride

Tigger and Pooh

Family pic in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

Jonathan on the carousel

Clara on the carousel

Matthew's getting tired

Chris and Matthew on the Dumbo ride

Ready for the fireworks

The castle at night

Pixie Hollow

This way to the fairies...

Clara and Rosetta

Jonathan and Rosetta

Clara meeting Tinkerbell

Jonathan and Tinkerbell

Chris and Jonathan in Tomorrowland

Clara unfortunately had to do a lot of rides on her own since Matthew was too small for many and Jonathan was too young to go alone. She was really brave and did great. Hopefully, she didn't feel too left out!

She got a little scared on this one. The seat was so long, giving her lots of sliding room...but she stayed calm and did great!

Waiting in line to see more princesses...this is what Matthew (and Chris) thought of that idea.

He cheered up when he found a familiar face though.

By the time we got to front of the line, Mulan was the only 'new princess'. We missed Tiana and Jasmine by just a few minutes!

He was a trooper!

Matthew meeting Ariel again.

Clara and Jonathan with Belle again.

Princess Clara

Geppeto and Pinocchio

We happened to walk past Rapunzel's castle once when the line wasn't so long, so we jumped right in. When we were 2nd in line, we were informed that Rapunzel had gone to join in the parade. Thankfully, it wasn't long until she was back!

Jonathan and Rapunzel

Clara and Jonathan with Rapunzel

Clara and Rapunzel

Chris and Matthew with Rapunzel

Teagan and Rapunzel

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Posing for a pic in the tree house.

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